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Welcome to the Denizens of Darkness Site!
If you're new to the site and haven't joined the DoD chat channel, the password and instructions for joining it can be found here.

All site members can post raids/raid trains/raid nights to the Events Calendar so feel free to do so.

The Events Calendar has an event sign-up feature that players can use to sign-up for raids with the specific character that they're planning to bring. You can add your characters to the site through the Roster.

Also, static groups (like TR groups) can be organized through the Static Group Organizing forum.

Please invite friends that you meet in-game and your fellow guild members to join the site. Advertise the site in your guild and chat channels or even put the address of the DoD site ( in your character bios. An invitation message that can be copied-and-pasted into an in-game letter can be found here.

If you have any questions or comments, you can message the site administator, Ravenloftian.
About Denizens of Darkness
Denizens of Darkness (DoD) is a social network for DDO players on the Argonnessen server. It is not associated with a specific guild and welcomes the non-guilded. DoD provides an out-of-game venue in which members can connect with one another to schedule and organize raids and questing, exchange information, and provide mutual aid outside of the restrictive boundaries of a traditional guild structure. Full access to the site requires the completion of a basic application which can be found by clicking on the "Apply" link in the upper-righthand corner of this page.
Maintaining a Positive Atmosphere:
Denizens of Darkness welcomes players regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, immigration status, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual preference/orientation, disability, or religion.